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East Bend Station

Capacity: 600 megawatts (Winter Peak Capacity)
Location: Boone County, Kentucky
Commercial Date: 1981
Status: Operating

East Bend Station is a 600-megawatt, single turbine plant located near Rabbit Hash (Boone County), Ky. The plant’s sulfur dioxide scrubber was upgraded in 2005.



Oct. 6, 2017
Learn more about our emergency action plans for coal ash facilities. Ash basins continue to operate safely and are highly regulated. Removing water and permanently closing basins, work that is already planned or underway, adds an additional margin of safety. Inundation maps are planning tools that illustrate a worst-case scenario and depict the areas that could be impacted in the unlikely event of a complete dam failure.

2017 - 2018 

Work is underway to prepare for safely closing ash basins. This includes designing and constructing new retention basins for water management; installing state-of-the-art wastewater treatment systems; and installing new equipment to manage all coal ash dry rather than sending it to ash basins. While the work itself will occur on plant property, neighbors may notice periodic equipment deliveries and an increase in construction activities.


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