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Morrisville Industrial Transmission Line Project

Morrisville Industrial Transmission Line Project

Meeting the growing energy needs of Morrisville.

Project Overview

Morrisville has seen steady growth and an increased demand for electricity over the past several years. Duke Energy is committed to providing customers with safe, reliable and increasingly clean energy. To help meet this commitment and the community’s growing energy needs, Duke Energy will construct a new substation and corresponding transmission line. The planned substation will be located south of McCrimmon Parkway, west of Airport Boulevard. Duke Energy is currently studying the surrounding area to identify possible corridors for a new transmission line to connect the substation to the existing energy network. View an interactive map of the substation and study area. Once complete, the Morrisville Industrial Transmission Line Project will help strengthen the grid and increase electric capacity for customers now and in the future.

Benefits for the Community

  • Grid Improvement

    Strengthen and expand the power grid to make it more reliable and support customer and economic growth in the area.

  • Smart Technology

    Use smart, self-healing technologies to reduce number of customers affected from power outages.

  • Location

    Locate the proposed substation in a primarily commercial/industrial area and engage property owners during the power line routing process to help meet ongoing needs with the least community impact as possible.

Project Timeline

Morrisville Industrial Timeline Graphic

Interactive Project Map

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Additional Resources

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