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Residential New Construction

Residential New Construction

Build in energy efficiency from the ground up.


Your new home is one of the biggest investments you’ll ever make. Invest wisely—in an energy-efficient home, which can reduce annual utility costs by 15 percent or more. Energy-efficient homes are built to meet stricter requirements than standard building codes. And those savings can really add up over the lifetime of a 30-year mortgage.

But savings are just the beginning. An energy-efficient new home also gives you:

Enhanced indoor comfort + Lasting value + Improved air quality + Durability + Safety

Wall-to-Wall Savings and Quality

An energy-efficient new home has high-performing features that make a difference you can see and feel.
  • Better Insulation

    Because it has higher quality insulation (and more of it), your energy-efficient new home can better withstand winter’s chill and summer’s heat. Your builder will also use the latest techniques to install insulation that minimizes voids and gaps that can lead to drafts.

  • Tighter Building Shell

    Air leaks around pipes and air ducts can make a home uncomfortable and drive up utility costs. In an energy-efficient home, better sealing ensures your home is at least 20 percent tighter than building code requirements.

  • Improved Air Circulation

    Your new home will have heating, ventilation, and air conditioning duct systems that perform about 33 percent more efficiently than those designed to building code standards. That means the right amount of air reaches every room in your home.

  • High-Efficiency Windows

    A special invisible coating on energy-efficient windows helps keep your home cool in summer and warm in winter. Plus, it helps protect carpets, drapes, and furnishings from the fading effects of sunlight.

Find a Builder
Talk to a participating builder about the many benefits of an energy-efficient new home.
  • HERS® Index

    The Home Energy Rating System (HERS®) Index measures a home’s energy efficiency.

  • Energy Usage Limited Guarantee

    Know upfront how much electricity you’ll use to heat and cool your home. Guaranteed.

  • Duke Energy's Commitment

    Duke Energy works with builders to help ensure the use of energy-efficient products and building practices.