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EV Charger Prep Credit

EV Charger Prep Credit

Get reimbursed for preparing your home or garage.

Get your home ready to charge.

Apply for Your Credit

There are two options for receiving the program credit:
  • Customer Credit Option

    If you have an electrical contractor already chosen to do the work, or you have completed the charger prep work in the last four months, you can submit your paid invoice and receive a check.

  • Contractor Credit Option

    Duke Energy will facilitate choosing an electrical contractor, and the credit will be shown on your final bill from the contractor as a discount on the work done that qualifies as charger prep work.

More about Charging EVs

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Here are some things to consider as you plan your project to make your home ready for an electric vehicle charger.
  • Chargers over 40 amps need to be hardwired and cannot use a dryer plug.
  • Check with your vehicle manufacturer to help ensure you choose the right charger for your vehicle’s battery.
  • Want to understand more about home EV charging? Get started.