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EV Charger Prep Credit:
Contractor Credit Option

If you would like to have an electric vehicle (EV) charger installed but don’t know where to start, you’ve come to the right place. With our Contractor Credit option, we’ll help you find a Duke Energy approved contractor. They will get in touch with you, provide a cost estimate, install your EV charger at your location and then apply the Charger Prep Credit amount directly to your invoice for service.

Details & Eligibility

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  1. Own or lease a fully electric or plug-in hybrid EV and have it registered to your Duke Energy account address.
  2. Fill out an application hosted by our vendor, Allumia, upload NC DMV Vehicle Registration, and choose contractor.
  3. We will check your Duke Energy service for adequacy.
  4. The contractor will contact you.
  5. The contractor will visit and assess your electrical panel and help you choose a charger that fits your needs.
  6. Purchase a charger (if you haven’t already).
  7. Contractor provides total cost estimate (minus credit).
  8. Schedule contractor work and installation.
  9. Complete work and installation and pay invoice (with credit applied).
  10. Charge your EV.
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Get Started with Your Project

You can apply online for this program and select your contractor, who will be in touch to provide recommendations and an estimate.