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Butler County Replacement Project Phase 2

Butler County Phase 2 Natural Gas Replacement Project

Upgrading the Natural Gas Delivery System

Duke Energy is investing in a safe and reliable energy future for our natural gas customers in southwest Ohio. As part of our modernization efforts and to help ensure the continued reliability of our system, we are upgrading sections of our CG07 pipeline.

Overall, we will be replacing about 6 miles of the CG07 line in Monroe, Lemon Township and Liberty Township over the next several years to achieve compliance with federal pipeline regulations. This upgrade work is referred to as the Butler County Phase 2 Replacement Project.

Replacement of some pipeline sections is required under recent changes to federal regulations titled, “Pipeline Safety: Safety of Gas Transmission Pipelines: MAOP Reconfirmation, Expansion of Assessment Requirements, and Other Related Amendments.” This is commonly referred to as the Mega Rule. The Mega Rule went into effect in July 2020. More than 300,000 miles of transmission pipeline in the United States are covered by the Mega Rule. It is designed to increase the level of safety associated with the transportation of natural gas as well as the operation of natural gas infrastructure.

The Butler County Phase 2 Replacement Project will bring an enhanced natural gas delivery system to the area by upgrading 50-plus-year-old infrastructure with modern pipelines.

Project Routing Study Area Map

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Informational Open House Held

The informational meeting about the project had company representatives available to answer questions about project routing, engineering, construction, real estate, safety, vegetation management and other topics.

Tuesday, January 17, 2023
5:00 p.m. - 7:30 p.m.
Butler Tech Monroe Campus
640 Hamilton Lebanon Road, Monroe, OH 45050

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