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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Multiple options are available to give you choices that match your circumstance.

    • If you will soon have enough to cover your outstanding balance, a Payment Extension may be the best option, enabling you to pay your bill in full as soon as you are in a position to do so.
    • If you experienced temporary hardship and are now in a more stable position, you may benefit more from a short-term payment arrangement that will spread your outstanding balance over a short duration to help bring your account current quickly.
    • If you have a reduced income, a large outstanding balance, or other hardship, a longer-term arrangement gives you the benefit of smaller monthly installments. This creates a lengthier obligation, but may make the process of catching up, easier.
    We recognize that every customer’s situation is unique and want to provide you the options you need to recover from any financial strain resulting from the impacts of COVID-19.
  • If your online request is denied, you will receive a response with more detail. On occasion, minor account incompatibilities prevent extended payment arrangements from being processed without some manual adjustments. If you have questions, we are here to help. Our customer care specialists help determine what is preventing the arrangement from processing. You can find estimated, current wait times under the Phone icon toward the bottom of our customer service webpage.
  • If the payment terms offered online do not meet your needs, you may contact our customer service center to discuss alternatives. You can find estimated, current wait times under the Phone icon toward the bottom of our customer service webpage.
  • If you need to make alterations to a current arrangement, please contact a customer care specialist to understand your options. We recognize the uncertainty of this time and remain flexible to ensure you can meet your installment amounts and dates. You can find estimated, current wait times under the Phone icon toward the bottom of our customer service webpage.
  • When you set up your payment plan, the status of your account and timing of your due date were changed. If your account is currently showing a zero balance or a credit, this means no payments are due until you receive your next bill. 

    Your next bill will include charges for electricity used during that bill cycle plus your first bill installment on the payment plan. Once that bill is generated, it will be available both within the automated phone system and online via “My Account.”
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