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Duke Energy is doing a lot with industry-leading automotive manufacturers, charging system providers, government organizations and other stakeholders to promote electric vehicles (EVs). We are also conducting research to better understand how EV charging may impact the grid.

Electrifying our Fleet

To support Duke Energy’s initiative to reduce overall greenhouse gases and lower emissions from the transportation sector, we have over 600 electric vehicles in our fleet, including over 220 on-road vehicles. We are committed to increasing that number by purchasing electric vehicles that meet our needs as new vehicle styles and classes are released.

By 2030, we pledge to convert 100% of our nearly 4,000 light-duty vehicles to electric and 50% of our approximately 6,000 combined fleet of medium-duty, heavy-duty and off-road vehicles to EVs, plug-in hybrids or other zero-carbon alternatives as more of these options become available.

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Employee Workplace Charging

The Workplace Charging Program aims to increase employee EV adoption and demonstrate leadership among peer companies. To achieve this, we will be installing numerous chargers in the next five years, expanding the availability of EV charging across Duke Energy locations and making workplace charging available to Duke Energy employees during business hours. By implementing the Workplace Charging Program, we will be electrifying by example and advancing our sustainability goals. The U.S. Department of Energy reports that employees are six times more likely to drive an EV with workplace charging, so we will encourage our employees to drive electric as first-line ambassadors for EV technology. It is our hope that this new program will improve employee engagement and satisfaction, as statistics show 91% positive feedback on similar workplace charging initiatives. 

Our Current Programs 

We are working with various organizations to promote clean transportation and find ways to encourage EV adoption. Initiatives include increasing access to EV charging, researching how residential EV charging affects the grid and helping companies make the switch from fuel-powered equipment to electric.

Charge Florida

In Florida, Duke Energy launched an electric vehicle (EV) study with FleetCarma called Charge Florida. The three-year study will provide insight into what impact residential EV charging has on the grid. It will monitor when people charge, how much energy they use and overall charging behaviors to gain valuable perspective. 

Park & Plug - FL

In 2018, Duke Energy launched this pilot program to expand access to EV charging stations in Florida. More than 500 EV chargers (Level 2 and Fast Chargers) are being added in public spaces and thoroughfares in Florida. Duke Energy will provide the equipment, installation, warranty and network connection services free of charge through 2022 of the pilot program.

Park & Plug - IN

Duke Energy will install, own, and operate 34 fast chargers at 17 locations across Indiana to provide a foundational level of EV infrastructure and to facilitate EV market growth. Planned sites will be located at large national retailers, small businesses, and municipal locations across the state. Tentative city locations include Rochester, Kokomo, Franklin,Columbus, Seymour, Bedford, Bloomington, Martinsville, Carmel, Cloverdale,Brownsburg, Shelbyville, Greensburg, Batesville, Vincennes, Carefree and New Albany. Many sites will go live and be available to the public in 2022.

Duke Energy’s efforts are a part of a larger statewide network partially funded by the Indiana Volkswagen Beneficiary Mitigation Trust to install 61 new EV charging locations. Other major electric utilities involved include AES Indiana, Indiana Michigan Power (AEP), CenterPoint Energy, NIPSCO, WVPA,Hoosier Energy and Crawfordsville Power & Light. This transformative plan will help ensure an EV fast charging station is located every 30 to 50 miles throughout Indiana and will create a strong and robust EV network for many years to come. 

Park & Plug - NC

Duke Energy will install, own and operate a variety of EV chargers to provide a foundational level of EV infrastructure and to help facilitate EV market growth across North Carolina. 

This will include installing, owning and operating up to 40 Fast Chargers at 20 locations, 160 level 2 chargers at public locations and up to 80 level 2 chargers at multifamily dwellings. These chargers will make it easier for EV drivers to charge and allow us to gather data on EV charging habits. 

Additionally, Duke Energy will offset the purchase of 15 electric school buses by districts across the state in order to gather operational data and explore the capabilities of the vehicle-to-grid technology.

Park & Plug - SC

Duke Energy will install, own and operate up to 60 Fast Chargers at 30 locations across South Carolina to provide a foundational level of EV infrastructure and to facilitate EV market growth. In addition, residential customers can receive a rebate for participating in a managed charging program. Managed charging helps utilities shift loads to when they are beneficial to both customers and the electric grid.

Industry Initiatives

To advance the use of electric vehicles (EVs) and better understand their impacts on our grid, we are working with leading companies in the industry as well as local organizations. These joint efforts include community education, research to better understand EV technologies, and testing and deployment of charging stations.

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  • Although we don't currently offer charging station services, we are happy to provide you with resources and information to help you with your decision. Email us at DriveElectric@duke-energy.com for more information. If you're a commercial customer, you may also wish to contact your account manager with specific questions about potential impacts to your bill or new service requests.
  • We don't currently offer an EV specific electric rate. However, depending on which state you live in, we do offer a "whole house" time-of-use rate, which can help lower your electric bill. Please contact Customer Service to learn more.
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