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Duke Energy Progress South Carolina Rates & Tariffs

Duke Energy Energy Progress South Carolina Index of Rate Schedules

The Public Service Commission of South Carolina approved new fuel factor for all South Carolina retail customers effective for bills rendered on and after July 1, 2015. The net effect of the Commissionís decision is a decrease of $3.94 per 1000 kWh of usage for residential customers. The new Series 34 rates reflect this decrease. Bill messages are being printed on all bills for the next 30 days advising customers of this change.


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Residential Rate Schedules *Date Effective
RES Residential Service 07/01/2015
R-TOUD Residential Service Time-of-Use 07/01/2015
R-TOUE Residential Service All-Energy Time-of-Use 07/01/2015
General Service Rate Schedules
SGS Small General Service 07/01/2015
MGS Medium General Service 07/01/2015
SI Seasonal or Intermittent Service 07/01/2015
SGS-TOU Small General Service Time-of-Use 07/01/2015
SGS-TES Small General Service Thermal Energy Storage 07/01/2015
LGS Large General Service 07/01/2015
LGS-TOU Large General Service Time-of-Use 07/01/2015
LGS-RTP2 Large General Service (Experimental- Real Time Pricing) 07/01/2015
LGS-CUR-TOU Large General Service-Curtailable Time-of-Use 07/01/2015
CSG1 Church and School Service 07/01/2015
CSE1 Church and School Service 07/01/2015
GS General Service 07/01/2015
Lighting Rate Schedules
TSS Traffic Signal Service 07/01/2015
TFS Traffic Signal Service (Metered) 07/01/2015
ALS Area Lighting Service 07/01/2015
SLS Street Lighting Service 07/01/2015
SLR Street Lighting Service - Residential Subdivisions 07/01/2015
SFLS Sports Field Lighting Service 07/01/2015
Retail Riders
7Z1 Standby and Supplementary Service 07/01/2013
9L Highly Fluctuating or Intermittent Loads 07/01/2013


Public Housing Project Service 07/01/2013
28P Military Service 07/01/2013
DSM/EE Demand Side Management and Energy Efficiency 07/01/2014
39 Adjustment for Fuel and Variable Environmental Costs 07/01/2015
42E Cotton Ginning 07/01/2013
PaCE-1A Palmetto Clean Energy Program 07/01/2013
Rider 58 Curtailable Load 07/01/2015
Rider CL Curtailable Load 07/01/2015
68H1 Dispatched Power (Experimental) 07/01/2013
RECD-2C Residential Service Energy Conservation 07/01/2013
SS Standby Service SS 07/01/2015
NFS3 Supplementary and Non-Firm Standby Service (Experiemental) - NFS 01/01/2014
IPS-6B Incremental Power Service - IPS 07/01/2013
ED-10A Economic Development - ED 07/01/2013
ERD-6A Economic Redevelopment ERD 07/01/2013
US-4A Unmetered Service-US 07/01/2013
PPS-8A Premier Power Service-PPS 07/01/2013
MROP Meter-Related Optional Programs - MROP 10/01/2013
NM Net Metering for Renewable Energy Facilities 05/30/2014
MCM-2A Merger Capacity Mitigation - MCM 07/01/2013
Retail DSM/EE Programs
LC-SUM-4A Residential Service -- Load Control 07/01/2013
RS-NES-2A Residential Service Neighborhood Energy Saver Program 07/01/2013
HEIP-4A Residential Service Home Energy Improvement Program 07/01/2013
RS-ARP-2A Residential Service Appliance Recycling Program 07/01/2013
EEL-2A Energy Efficient Lighting Program 07/01/2013
RS-HERP My Home Energy Report Program 10/29/2014
RNC-2 Residential New Construction - NC 07/01/2013
EEE Energy Efficiency Education Program 11/12/2014
MEE Residential Multi-Family Energy Efficiency Program 11/12/2014
General Service DSM/EE Programs
DRA Demand Response Automation Rider 01/01/2014
DSDR-1A Distribution System Demand Response Program 07/01/2013
CIG EE-4A Commercial, Industrial and Governmental EE Program 07/01/2013
SBES-2A Small Business Energy Saver Program 07/01/2013
BER Business Energy Report Program 06/03/2015
Administrative Procedures
  Street Lighting Service Regulations 07/01/2013
  Service Regulations 07/01/2013
  Line Extension Plan E 07/01/2015
  Standard Service Voltages 07/01/2013
Other Tariffs, Contract Forms & Procedures
  Application for Supply of Electricity  
  Application for Sreet Lighting Service and Exhibit No. 1, Company-Owned Street Lighting System  
  Application for Elecric Service for Traffic Signals and Exhibit No. 1, Customer's Traffic Signals Form  
  Application for Standard Contract By a Qualifying Cogenerator or Small Power Producer  
  Premier Power Service Contract Form  
Cogeneration Classification
CSP-30A Cogeneration and Small Power Producer 07/01/2013
  Standard Terms and Conditions for the Purchase of Elecric Power 07/01/2013
  Standard for Interconnecting Small Generation 100 kW or Less with Electric Power Systems (EPS) 12/19/2006
Load Research Project
EVSE-14 Electric Vehicle Charging Station Program 11/02/2011

*Date Effective represents the most recent date each rate schedule was updated due to fuel cost adjustments, wording changes, rate revisions, etc.
1Not available for new applications
2Experimental tariff ends Dec. 31, 2015
3Experimental tariff ends Dec. 31, 2015