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Duke Energy Carolinas North Carolina Electric Rates

Rate Schedule *Date Effective
RS Residential Service 09/25/2013
RST Residential Service, Time-of-Use Pilot 09/25/2013
RE Residential Service, Electric Water Heating and Space Conditioning 09/25/2013
ES Residential Service, Energy Star 09/25/2013
RT Residential Service, Time-of-Use 09/25/2013
WC Residential Service, Water Heating, Controlled/Submetered 09/25/2013
RET Residential Service, All-Electric, Time-of-Use Pilot 09/25/2013
SGS Small General Service 09/25/2013
OPT-G Optional Power Service, Time of Use General Service 09/25/2013
BC General Service, Building Construction Service 09/25/2013
LGS Large General Service 09/25/2013
SGST Small General Service, Time-of-Use Pilot 09/25/2013
FL General Service, Floodlighting Service 09/25/2013
OL General Service, Outdoor Lighting Service 01/28/2014
GL Government Lighting Service 01/28/2014
PL General Service, Street and Public Lighting Service 01/28/2014
NL Nonstandard Lighting Service 09/25/2013
TS General Service, Traffic Signal Service 09/25/2013
I Industrial Service 09/25/2013
OPT-E Optional Power Service, Time of Use, Energy-Only (Pilot) 09/25/2013
OPT-H Optional Power Service, Time of Use, General Service, High Load Factor 09/25/2013
OPT-I Optional Power Service, Time of Use, Industrial Services 09/25/2013
HP Hourly Pricing for Incremental Load 09/25/2013
PG Parallel Generation 09/25/2013
Fuel Cost Adjustment Rider 09/25/2013
EE Energy Efficiency Rider 01/01/2014
Existing DSM Program Costs Adjustment Rider 09/25/2013
REPS Renewable Energy Portfolio Standard Rider 09/01/2013
PM Power Manager Load Control Service Rider 01/01/2014
NM Net Metering Rider (NM) 09/25/2013
SCG Small Customer Generator Rider (SCG) 09/25/2013
Coal Inventory Rider 04/01/2014
PS NC Rider PS 01/01/2014
IS Interruptible Power Service Rider 01/01/2010
SG Standby Generator Control Rider 02/26/2009
EC Economic Development Rider 09/25/2013
ER Economic Redevelopment Rider 09/25/2013
PSC PowerShare Call Option 01/01/2014
PP-N Purchased Power Non-Hydroelectric 04/01/2014
PP-H Purchased Power Hydroelectric 04/01/2014
Merger Capacity Mitigation Rider 09/01/2012
Transformation Discount 09/25/2013
Summary of Rider Adjustments 04/01/2014
BPM Prospective Rider 09/25/2013
BPM True-Up Rider 09/25/2013
Cost of Removal Rider 09/25/2013
S Unmetered Sign (Nantahala) 09/25/2013
Solar Photovoltaic Distributed Generation Program 12/31/2008
Energy Efficiency Education Program 01/01/2014
Residential Energy Assessment Program 01/01/2014
Residential Appliance Recyling Program 01/01/2014
My Home Energy Report Program 01/01/2014
Residential Energy Efficient Appliances and Devices 01/01/2014
Residential HVAC Energy Efficiency Program Air Conditioning 01/01/2014
Residential HVAC Energy Efficiency Program Tune And Seal 01/01/2014
Residential Income-Qualified Energy Efficiency And Weatherization Assistance For Individuals 01/01/2014
Residential Income-Qualified Energy Efficiency And Weatherization Assistance For Residential Neighborhoods 01/01/2014
Residential Multi-Family Energy Efficiency Program 01/01/2014
Nonresidential Smart Saver® 01/01/2014
Energy Management And Information Services Program 01/01/2014
GS Green Source Rider 01/01/2014
Smart Energy Now 01/01/2014
Residential Energy Management System Program 03/10/2009
Special Needs Energy Products Loan Program 02/24/2000
Remote Meter Reading and Usage Data Service 03/17/2009
NC GreenPower Program 07/28/2003
NC Renewable Energy Program 07/28/2003
NC Carolinas Carbon Offset Program 08/01/2011
On-Site Generation Service Program 09/25/2013
Plug-in Electric Vehicle Charging Station Program 03/22/2011
Underground Distribution Installation Plan 01/01/2008
Service Regulations 09/25/2013