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Improvements to Provide Reliable Power

Improving the energy grid

We're finding ways to reduce power outages and keep the power on

At Duke Energy we’re committed to ensuring our customers have reliable power 24 hours a day. We’re improving and strengthening our grid using advanced technologies in order to reduce the chance of power outages and shorten outage times when they do occur. We’ve invested in smart technologies and we inspect our lines, poles and systems regularly to help keep the power on.
  • Smart Grid

    We have made improvements to our grid and technologies so we can work smarter and even stop an outage before it occurs.

  • Grid Strengthening

    We're boosting and improving our grid capacity to keep pace with the area growth and to help ensure we don't have power outages.

  • Reliability PLUS Program

    We have a devoted team to proactively monitor power outages and power blinks in order to improve our systems.

  • Pole Inspections

    Our teams regularly inspect our utility poles to check if they are strong and durable and can withstand a storm.