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Outage Restoration Updates

Watch to better understand how restoration updates work.
Why you’re receiving updates

As repairs are made after an outage, you may receive updates saying that power in your area has been restored when your power is still out. This is not uncommon during major weather-related events when damage is widespread.
What if I’m not home? Should I just respond “OFF”?

Only reply “OFF” if you can confirm that your power is out. In most cases, damage to smaller lines affects many customers. Feedback from just one or two of those individuals will help our crews quickly identify the source and begin inspecting for additional issues. Replying “OFF” when you don’t know if your power is out or not can send crews looking for damage that does not exist, slowing the restoration process.
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Receiving Outage Notifications

If you are not receiving outage communications from Duke Energy
Outages & Alerts
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or simply text REG to 57801.