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Frequently Asked Questions

  • You will receive outage alerts as soon as Duke Energy confirms there is an outage in your area regardless of what caused the outage, including weather, car accident or other factors. There are times when power may go out for a few seconds due to factors like tree branches hitting a line. These momentary outages will not trigger an outage notification to be sent.
  • You will receive an outage alert as soon as Duke Energy crews confirm there is an outage in your area. Typically, you will receive communications approximately 10 minutes after the confirmation of the outage.

  • It's easy to communicate with us by text. Here is a list of commands you can send via text to 57801 to use our outage alerts service:

    Text REG to register
    Text OUT to report an outage
    Text STATUS to get updates on existing outages
    Text HELP for instructions and a customer service number
    Text STOP to stop receiving outage alert texts
    Text RESUME to receive outage alert texts again

  • You can reactivate your outage alerts by texting RESUME to 57801 from your mobile device. You can also sign in to your online account and change your outage notification preferences.

  • We will share with you as much information about the outage as we have at that time. We will provide you with an estimated time of restoration, cause of the outage and status of the crews working to restore power. We will also let you know if the estimated time of restoration changes during the outage.

    Once your service has been restored, we will send you an alert letting you know the power has been restored. We will provide you with the date and time the power was restored, the cause of the outage, the number of customers impacted and the start time of the outage.

  • To stop receiving text alerts, you can unsubscribe by simply texting STOP to 57801 from your mobile device that is receiving these notifications. If you signed up to receive voice message or email alerts, sign in to your online account and then simply update your outage notification preferences.

  • Simply click on the blue Manage Alerts button above to access your account. After that, follow the prompts to update or change your phone number or change the way you would like to be informed about outages.

  • You can sign up to receive outage alerts through one channel of your choice: text, voice message or email. For text or voice messages, you can select the phone number of your choice. For email, you can specify the email account you wish to receive these outage alerts. Keep in mind that text messages can be sent to mobile phones only.

  • This is a free service that Duke Energy is offering to keep you informed during outages. Keep in mind that “standard rates apply.” That means these texts will count toward your text plan with your mobile carrier. If you have any questions with how this affects your mobile plan, contact your mobile carrier.

  • It depends on the notification that you receive. Regardless, the messages will be clear and indicate when a response is needed.

  • You can sign up as many addresses as you would like as long as you have the account information.

  • We will occasionally include a short URL in the text message you receive from us to link you to our website. The following are the short URLs that may be included:

@ Sign up for email