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Advanced Communications and Monitoring

Advanced Communication & Monitoring

Duke Energy's smarter grid is built upon the power of intelligent data, advanced monitoring and control technologies that manage millions of data points in near real time to help deliver improved reliability and a better experience for customers.

Powering a smart-thinking grid also requires an equally intelligent and secure communication network that delivers data more efficiently in higher volumes and at faster speeds than ever before. A more efficient communication network improves security and creates faster responses and quicker restorations when problems occur.

Communication infrastructure improvements include fiber optic upgrades and improved cellular communications for faster data processing.

Real-time grid management

We are improving the way the grid thinks by integrating and upgrading multiple grid systems into an advanced energy distribution management system. The result is a grid that can better monitor the health of components, more efficiently gather and analyze data from thousands of devices on the grid and make intelligent decisions to make the grid more efficient, reliable and resilient.

This upgraded network will also provide Duke Energy operators with more tools to manage the grid remotely in many instances rather than having to dispatch crews into the field. Remote management capabilities can help reduce outage costs and speed restoration for customers.

These transformations are essential to enabling the sustainable growth of renewable energy and a lower carbon future.

Other improvements include:

  • Smart meters that provide customers with more information about their energy use and tools to save money, as well as improved outage detection to speed restoration following storms and other disruptions
  • Vehicle area network (VAN), which will allow field workers to securely use advanced mobile technology, such as handheld tablets to assess storm damage and wearable communication to improve worker safety