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Residential Guarantee of Applicant's Electric Bill

An acceptable guarantor is a Duke Energy customer who meets the following criteria:
  • The guarantor is an active residential customer with 24 months of continuous service.
  • The guarantor has no more than two late payments within the past 12 months of service.
  • The maximum amount a guarantor can sign for is $600. (Note:  This is the combined amounts for all accounts guaranteed)
  • Please read and understand the provisions of the guarantor agreement. If you wish to  use a guarantor instead of a cash deposit to establish electric service, follow the steps below.
Note: If using Adobe Acrobat version 5.0 or greater, you can type into the form's blank fields and print the document.
Complete the Residential Guarantee of Applicant's Electric Bill (pdf, 452 KB) form by either typing in the necessary information or printing the form and filling in the necessary information by hand. 
  • If you typed in the necessary information, print the completed form.
  • Have the guarantor sign the printed form.
  • Retain a copy of the form for the guarantor's records.
Mail the original signed copy to:
Duke Energy
DTO1X - Guarantor Desk
9700 David Taylor Dr.
Charlotte, NC 28262-2363

Or fax a signed copy of the form to: 800.943.6909.