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Providing our customers with reliable and affordable energy is important to everyone at Duke Energy. We are continually investing in ways to deploy digital energy technologies and modernize our power grid.

At this time, we do not have a program to work directly with your smart appliance, but we welcome your questions and have these resources to help you make informed decisions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Smart appliances are connected to Wi-Fi and have the ability to communicate with your smart devices (cellphone or tablet). Smart dishwashers can alert you when a cycle is completed and smart dryers can be turned on remotely. Providing ease and convenience, smart appliances have the potential to help save you energy and money.
  • Yes, most smart appliances require an app from the manufacturer to communicate with the appliance. Check your user manual or contact your manufacturer's customer service department for more information.
  • Smart grid refers to all the automated equipment, wireless sensing devices technologies that help make the power delivery system from the substation to your meter more efficient and intelligent. Learn more about Smart Grid.
  • You may be eligible to participate in a time-of-use rate that offers lower rates during off-peak times, such as at night. Please contact us at or call 800.366.4708 to learn more. Electric rates. (Time-of-use rates not available in Florida, Indiana or Kentucky.)
  • Yes. Any Internet connection – desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone and now, appliance – carries a cybersecurity risk. We support empowering you to make energy choices that will save you electricity and money. Protecting personal information and customer data are important issues being addressed by customers, utilities, governments, consumer advocates and other stakeholders. As your electric utility, we follow strict internal processes and the law to protect your customer information. Depending on the appliance or your connection, we encourage you to evaluate your personal information security needs.
  • Yes, your appliance can still operate as a traditional appliance, but without Internet it will not be able to communicate with your computer and other technology.
  • Typically, yes, but you should always review the recommendations of the appliance manufacturer.
  • Yes, but it is not recommended. Operating an electric appliance in your home without being there poses a safety risk.
  • That's a personal choice. But if your appliance is really old and isn't ENERGY STAR® certified, you might save energy and money on your electric bill by purchasing and installing a new energy-efficient appliance. However, more energy-efficient, ENERGY STAR certified appliances cost more, and a consumer should consider how old the existing appliance is and how often it is used.
  • Digital grid technologies, including meters, use the same type of digital technology that make cellphones, computers and wireless Internet possible. We are leveraging this technology to offer customers more options, improve reliability, improve service and make it possible to incorporate more renewable generation options into the grid.
  • We have to find ways to improve our service and meet our customers’ energy needs in a smart way that has less impact on the environment. Consumers want more information and control, too. By deploying digital energy technologies and modernizing our power grid, we can bring ourselves into the 21st century and empower customers to make wiser energy decisions. Learn more.
  • Electric utilities are making improvements to the electric grid all over the country. They are modernizing the grid to support new technologies such as smart appliances that can be interconnected to an energy management system. Learn more.

    You can also learn more from the following smart appliance manufacturers:

    There are organizations working on connectivity standards. They include:

    AllSeen Alliance
    Open Interconnect Consortium

    The above list of smart appliance manufacturers is provided for informational purposes only. Duke Energy Progress is in no way endorsing or recommending any particular manufacturer or product and shall not be liable for a customer's selection of any such manufacturer or product.
  • At Duke Energy, we offer a variety of programs, incentives and tools that can help you save. Learn more.
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