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NC Shared Solar

Shared Solar

A community solar program that directly supports new North Carolina renewables.

A Shared Mindset

Shared Solar programs offer all customers – residential and nonresidential – the opportunity to bring renewables online in their communities. Subscribers to Shared Solar pay for the development and operation of solar facilities (as well as program administration expenses) and in return, receive bill credits for their share of the solar energy generation.

As of today, there are no shared solar sites available in North Carolina for customers to join, but you can help change that. To get a Shared Solar project started, there are three critical partners needed: a solar developer, a community organizer and Duke Energy.

If you are a solar developer with a potential project for the program or a customer who would like to help organize a community solar project, please reach out to us at

How does Shared Solar work?

Benefits of Shared Solar

  • Earn credits for energy produced

  • Participate in solar energy with no equipment to install or maintain

  • Makes solar energy accessible to people who live in multifamily housing, renters and homes with shady roofs

  • Customers may make claim that they are using renewable power

Additional information about the Shared Solar Program

Program Details