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Indiana Integrated Resource Plan

Our Integrated Resource Plan is Duke Energy’s proposed roadmap for transitioning to cleaner energy without compromising reliability of service, energy affordability or the power demands of a growing region.

As Indiana’s largest electric supplier, Duke Energy has a responsibility to deliver reliable and increasingly clean electricity while keeping costs as low as possible. This means we regularly engage in long-range planning showing how we’ll fulfill our obligation to meet customers’ energy needs with existing and future resources.

Through engagement with external participants, Duke Energy seeks to foster an environment that enables meaningful conversations around resource planning that prioritizes affordability, reliability and increasingly clean energy for customers. Duke Energy commits to leveraging participants’ expertise and experience which represent a wide range of perspectives. Throughout the engagement, Duke Energy and other participants will build upon areas of agreement, clarify areas of disagreement, and seek opportunities for collaboration.

Upcoming Engagement Opportunities

On June 20, 2024, Duke Energy will host its third DEI 2024 Public Engagement Session. Please click here to register.

2024 Integrated Resource Plan Stakeholder Engagement