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Smart Thermostat

EnergyWise Home

Enroll your smart thermostat and get $75!

What Is EnergyWise Home®?

EnergyWise Home is a program that you can participate in to help reduce energy use. Successfully enroll your qualifying smart thermostat to receive a $75 bill credit. By enrolling in this program, you agree to let us make brief adjustments to your thermostat temperature throughout the year during peak electric demand periods.

It's FREE and easy to participate.

How It Works

  • Enroll Today

    Enroll with a qualifying internet-connected smart thermostat. You must use electricity to heat and cool your home to qualify.

  • Get $75

    After successfully enrolling, you’ll get a $75 bill credit. Plus, you get a $25 bill credit each year you stay in the program.

  • Make a Difference

    When energy demand is high, a signal is sent to your enrolled thermostat that temporarily adjusts the temperature to help reduce energy.

EnergyWise Home Smart Thermostat Program

Watch our short video to see how EnergyWise Home works. 

How It Helps

  • Less Electric Load on the Grid

    Thousands of customers are helping reduce electric load a few key days each year.

  • Good for the Environment

    This helps preserve natural resources and delays the need for new power plants and transmission lines.

  • Greater Energy Savings

    Participants help keep energy costs lower for themselves and other customers across the region.

Don't Have a Smart Thermostat?

Purchase and save on smart thermostats at our Online Savings Store — our online marketplace offering Duke Energy residential customers energy-efficient products at discounted prices.

Smart Thermostat Benefits

  • Control Temperatures 24/7

    Change the temperature anytime, anywhere with an app.

  • Get Energy Usage Reports

    Keep track of your energy use and save more.

  • Receive Filter Reminders

    Get a notification when it’s time to change your filter.

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