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Pre-qualified Clean Energy Connection Enrollment Form

Your 2023 LIHEAP participation has qualified you for additional savings with the Clean Energy Connection Income Qualified Program. We have calculated your eligible subscription size and populated it in the form below. For each kw subscribed you will save $0.68 on your monthly bill, and there is no equipment to install or additional action necessary. By submitting this form, you are enrolling in the Income Qualified Clean Energy Connection Program. If for some reason you are deemed ineligible for the program, you will be notified by our specialists.

I am authorized to make changes on the account associated with the address supplied and I request to be enrolled in Clean Energy Connection at the max subscription size. I accept the program terms and conditions.

Your Clean Energy Connection participation will result in a fee/credit pair appearing on your bill. The credit will always be $0.68 per kW higher than the fee. You can cancel your participation at any time by emailing or logging into the customer portal.