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Norwood Station

Norwood Station Project

Project Background

Duke Energy will be replacing a natural gas regulator station in Bond Hill, Ohio, starting in February 2022. The existing station has been in service since the 1950s and is nearing the end of its useful life. The new facility, Norwood Station, will be located at 2275 East Seymour Avenue. 

Key Project Benefits

  • Replace and upgrade existing natural gas infrastructure
  • The new Norwood Station will have state-of-the-art monitoring capabilities

Enhanced Features of Norwood Station

  • We are working closely with Bond Hill officials, as well as the adjacent homeowners association, to help ensure they are informed about the restoration plan. 
  • The new Norwood Station will have state-of-the-art monitoring capabilities. 
  • Upgraded perimeter fencing and additional security measures will be used.
  • The station will be built to blend in with the area as best as possible as well as to be shielded by the adjacent neighborhood.
  • The facility will be constructed to look like a warehouse-style building rather than the typical open-air natural gas regulating station. It will have an overhead roof to minimize operating noise.

Temporary Construction Impacts 

We realize that construction of the Norwood Station will be disruptive and challenging for residential customers nearby, but we are committed to keeping the community informed throughout the project to make the process as smooth as possible. 

Construction will occur on Duke Energy property and within the public right of way. New infrastructure will be installed on Seymour Avenue as well as the existing Duke Energy property across the street. 

Neighbors can expect to see heavy equipment and cranes during construction, as well as multiple excavations and a high volume of trucks entering and leaving the property daily.


  • Construction begins - February 2022
  • Construction complete - Late 2022
  • Final restoration - Spring 2023