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East End Gas Works Project

East End Gas Works Project

Project Update

Duke Energy began the first phase of an environmental cleanup project in 2010 at our East End Gas Works property located at 2801 Riverside Drive in Cincinnati’s East End neighborhood.

The property has been used for commercial gas operations since 1875. Today, it is used as a natural gas distribution center for Duke Energy customers.

The third phase of the East End cleanup calls for excavation and treatment in place using a technology called in-situ solidification (ISS). This is similar to what was completed during the 2010-2011 and 2016-2019 cleanup phases.

Cleanup Schedule

Cleanup will begin in April 2024 and continue into early 2025. Final restoration, such as landscaping and surface repaving, should occur in 2025.

Project Benefits

  • Continued environmental commitment.
  • Revitalization of our natural gas distribution center.
  • Improved property aesthetics by adding trees, grass and other plants.

Work Zone Safety Reminders

  • Work hours generally will be Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. No weekend work is expected.
  • Between April 2024 and early 2025, increased construction traffic may cause delays around the work site as the third phase of cleanup gets underway. Please follow posted speed limits. Plan travel time accordingly and use convenient alternate routes, if possible. (Construction vehicles will exit right out of 2801 Riverside Drive (Eastern Avenue) and travel east to I-275. Construction traffic will not use Columbia Parkway or other downtown routes.)
  • Occasional odors similar to hot asphalt, driveway sealer or mothballs may be noticeable during excavation. Air quality around the site will be constantly monitored during construction activities to verify there are no public health concerns.
  • The site is fenced and screening material is used to control dust.
  • Trucks are washed down before leaving the work area in order to keep dust confined to the site.
  • Children are often curious about construction. Please keep them away from the site, as you would at any construction site.
  • Increased noise from equipment operations, including the crushing of material, is expected during daylight hours.
  • If you notice anything suspicious at the site or see a potential public safety hazard, please call 911 immediately.

Site History

This property has been used for commercial gas operations since 1875, when the Cincinnati Gas, Light & Coke Company developed the site for industrial use as a manufactured gas plant. At that time, coal was used to produce fuel gas, which was distributed in Cincinnati and surrounding communities to meet consumers’ energy needs. Around the 1960s, sufficient supplies of natural gas became available and manufactured gas was no longer necessary. Shortly after, equipment at the East End site was modified for natural gas distribution and maintenance, which continues today.

While manufactured gas plants like this one are no longer in operation, utility companies across the United States are studying these sites and addressing their environmental impacts.

The East End site is one of 53 manufactured gas plants in Duke Energy’s service territory, and cleanup has already been completed at 39 of these sites. We have developed a successful approach to restore these sites for future uses that benefit our company and the community. At our East End Gas Works property, we have reexamined the site’s historic operations, conducted certified environmental studies and prepared a cleanup plan.

We will continue to work with the East End Area Community Council and keep neighbors informed as we cleanup and restore this site.

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