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Central Corridor Gas Pipeline Project Summary

In 2015, Duke Energy completed an extensive study of our gas supply system that serves over 500,000 customer accounts in Ohio and Kentucky. The focus of this study was the array of high-pressure steel pipelines that have been installed over the past half century or more to deliver gas into the distribution system for our customers. As Duke Energy looks to the future, we believe a Plan to Improve, Protect and Expand our System (PIPES) is essential for our current and future customers.

The proposed pipeline would have a 20-inch diameter and operate at approximately 400 pounds per square inch (psi), compared with the original design, which called for a 30-inch pipe with an operating pressure of approximately 600 psi.

This newly proposed pipeline will still enable Duke Energy to retire aging propane peaking plants. It will also moderately decrease reliance on natural gas from a single source in the southern part of the company's system that has reached its maximum capacity.

Longer-term system needs will be addressed through other modernization programs to be implemented over the next decade.

We're expecting construction to start in spring/summer of 2020 and be complete by the spring of 2022. Although construction over the approximate 12-mile route will take several months, pipeline construction on each property should take approximately three to six weeks. Timing may vary depending on the size of the property.

To obtain a complete printed copy of the application, at your expense, please make a request via email.