Pick Your Due Date

How It Works

  • Make sure you have a smart meter

  • Pick a due date that works for you

  • Pay your bill by your selected due date

  • Get peace of mind knowing your due date

Payment just got a little easier

Pick Your Due Date lets you choose what day you want your bill to be due each month. If your home has a certified smart meter, you’re eligible to pick your due date.

When you pick your due date, you'll see the change in your due date take effect within one to two billing cycles. Please note that this change in your due date may result in one billing period with a longer or shorter cycle, which could affect the amount of the first bill you receive.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • You can change your due date once every year.
  • Residential customers must have a smart meter installed and certified to pick their due date. In addition, your account status must be Active or Pending with no active installment plan or regulated charges more than 23 days past due. Consolidated billing accounts are not eligible to pick their due date. To pick your due date, your account cannot already be enrolled in Your FixedBill, Bill Extender, Net Metering, or already picked a due date in the past 12 months.
  • No, the due date does not transfer when you move. Your new location must have a certified smart meter and you will need to request a new due date at the time of your move.
  • If your due date falls on a holiday or weekend, your payment will be due the next business day. Please be sure to always check the due date that is on your statement.
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