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Business EV Charging Solutions

The future is here.

EV charging solutions for your business. 
We’re helping lead the way by installing electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure across our jurisdictions. More EVs are on the road each day. Major automakers have increased the number of EV models in production as well higher-capacity vehicle options, with electric buses and long-haul semi-trucks already in service.

We are offering programs to help businesses with EV charging solutions. Installing EV chargers at your facility and locations can help support your business’s sustainability goals and meet future demand of customers and employees alike. We can help get your business ready and support profitability too.

Our Car Charging Programs

Benefits of Providing EV Charging

  • Helps attract new customers and encourage longer visits from EV drivers

  • Helps enhance the visibility of your organization’s sustainability efforts

  • Helps provide an added benefit to customers or employees who drive EVs

Types of EV Charging

Level 2 charging station

Level 2

  • Gives drivers around 25 miles of range per hour depending on the vehicle and the equipment
  • Great for retail establishments, workplace charging, and multi-family dwellings
  • Can be set on a pedestal or mounted to an exterior wall, depending on parking space configuration
  • J1771 Connector. Compatible with all cars (Tesla® provides an adapter). Charging cable and connector sometimes included with the EV.
DC Fast Charging Station

DC Fast Charging

  • Fastest EV charging option. Up to 250 miles of range per hour with 50 to 125 miles of range chargeable in 15 minutes depending on the car and the equipment.
  • Best locations are usually at commercial establishments along highway corridors or at a business for fleet use
  • DC Fast Charging is mostly used to facilitate long-distance driving.
  • CHAdeMO Connector: Nissan®, Mitsubishi® and Kia®. Tesla adapter available.
  • CCS (SAE Combo) Connector: All brands besides Tesla.

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How can I get chargers at my business?

Many business owners want to know how to incorporate EVs into their operations. Maybe you want to provide workplace charging for your customers, maybe you are thinking about converting your medium or heavy-duty fleet, or perhaps you are just curious about what all of your options are. Answer some questions for us so that we can have the appropriate person reach out to you.