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Fleet Electrification

Fleet Electrification

Learn more about how your business can shift toward electric vehicles.

Benefits of Switching to an Electric Vehicle Fleet

Now is the time to consider making the switch to an electric fleet. More and more businesses are considering the significant benefits they can gain from deploying electric vehicles in their fleet. In fact, electric vehicles (EVs) may comprise 10%-15% of commercial and passenger fleets by 2030. With an electric vehicle fleet, you can lower your operating costs, reduce maintenance, and support your company’s sustainability goals. Plus, electric vehicles can last longer than non-electric vehicles.

Fleets & Vehicle Sizes

Minivans and pickup trucks? Buses? Forklifts and TRUs? From the smallest to the largest, we can help you electrify.
Light-duty fleets consist of sedans, trucks and other passenger vehicles. Light-duty vehicles are often used for corporate fleets, municipal operations, taxis, ride shares and police departments. When you switch your light-duty fleet to electric, you will immediately see the benefits.

Case Studies:

Check out our commitment to electrifying our own fleet.

fleet of ev sedans

Tips for Going Electric

1. Let’s communicate!

Service upgrades can take anywhere from a few months to two years, so it is important to engage us as soon as possible to accomplish your electrification goals most efficiently. 

2. We’ll help with the math.

While electric fleet vehicles can require a bigger initial investment than traditional fleet vehicles, they can bring significant fuel cost savings. We’re here to help your business evaluate the best electric rates and charging schedule to optimize your business case for fleet electrification.

3. What’s the plan for charging?

We can help fleet operators make a holistic evaluation of their electricity supply costs and any infrastructure upgrade costs prior to embarking on a fleet electrification project. We’ll also help you consider right-sizing, interoperability and site design when evaluating charging infrastructure options.

4. Get ready to work closely together.

Just as fleet managers must work closely with managers of other fuel sources, managers of electric vehicle fleets will also want to work closely with their facility and energy managers.

5. Prepare to think about fuel availability in new ways.

When electricity becomes your fuel, certain situations will require you to plan for different approaches to managing your fuel supply, including backup generation or redundant electric services.

6. Ask us about options to manage costs.

As the operator of an electric vehicle fleet, you can manage your costs by optimizing your operating profile of charging solutions and schedules, as well as working with us to find the best rate for your business.

Fleet Electrification Calculator

Use our interactive calculator to find out how much your company could save by converting your fleet to electric vehicles.

How can I get chargers at my business?

Many business owners want to know how to incorporate EVs into their operations. Maybe you want to provide workplace charging for your customers, maybe you are thinking about converting your medium or heavy-duty fleet, or perhaps you are just curious about what all of your options are. Answer some questions for us so that we can have the appropriate person reach out to you.

Frequently Asked Questions