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Tree Trimming Practices & Procedures

Duke Energy evaluates all tree trimming requests from customers. When a hazardous tree or excessive overgrowth is reported, our vegetation specialists visit the site in question and conduct an assessment. If an imminent threat to Duke Energy power lines exists, we prioritize and schedule the work based on the severity of the situation. At times, we determine work is not warranted.

Below are a few examples of requests for work that Duke Energy does not perform or that may be deferred:

  1. Vegetation is not affecting power reliability at this time but will be evaluated during the next regular maintenance pruning cycle.
  2. Vegetation is impacting cable TV and/or telephone lines but is not affecting power reliability.
  3. Vegetation is affecting the illumination pattern of an outdoor light but is not affecting power reliability.
  4. Vegetation is near a service drop, the low-voltage power line running from our pole to your house or business. Call Duke Energy Customer Service to request the line be de-energized before completing any tree work.

Please be aware that disposal of any wood, limbs or debris resulting from storm damage or an “Act of God” is the responsibility of the property owner.