Yadkin-Pee Dee Shoreline Management Plans

Lake Tillery

The Tillery and Blewett hydroelectric plants together comprise the Yadkin-Pee Dee River Project. These plants are operated as an integrated unit under FERC Project License No. 2206. The Tillery and Blewett plants are located in the Southern Piedmont area of North Carolina. Tillery Hydroelectric Plant is located between Montgomery and Stanly counties, 4 miles west of Mt. Gilead and approximately 17 miles south of Badin Lake. The plants were placed in service in the spring of 1928.

Lake Tillery is formed by the dam at the Tillery Hydroelectric Plant on the Pee Dee River. The lake extends approximately 16 miles upstream from the dam to Yadkin Inc.’s Falls Hydroelectric Development. At normal operating levels, Lake Tillery is about 72 feet deep at the dam. The reservoir surface area is 5,260 acres at that level (elevation 278.17), and the usable storage with 22-foot drawdown is 88,000 acre-feet. The Lake Tillery shoreline is developed with housing, and the lake is used by the public for boating, fishing, swimming and other aquatic recreational activities.

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