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Energy Design Assistance for Larger Facilities

Energy Design Assistance helps you design and construct energy-efficient facilities that are better for the environment, have higher asset values and positively reflect your organization's values and vision. We are ready to support your efforts to build greater energy efficiency into your new construction or renovation project.

How Energy Design Assistance Works

What you'll receive

  • No-cost consulting and energy modeling

    Using an energy optimizer tool, we will evaluate multiple potential design scenarios to determine the best strategy based on your project goals.

  • Customized analysis

    Our methodology and tools consider the entire facility as one project instead of evaluating the systems in pieces. Our leading industry professionals will provide a custom solution for you and your client.

  • Help with Smart $aver incentives

    Duke Energy offers incentives for qualifying energy efficiency measures that are incorporated into your new construction project.


Email us at or call 877.939.1001.

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