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Introducing PowerPair

Clean, solar energy to use day and night.

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We have completed the initial random selection period for PowerPair applications. Incentive reservation or wait list placement will be communicated by June 20. On June 21 at 9:00 a.m., enrollment will resume on a first-come, first-served basis. If you recently installed a qualifying solar + battery system, we recommend you apply as soon as possible, as it must be done within 90 days of your operational date.

Two Ways to Save

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How to Get Started

  • Select a Trade Ally

    A Duke Energy Trade Ally will help you select your system to ensure it meets the PowerPair requirements and provide you with a cost estimate.

  • Submit an Interconnection Request

    Work with your Trade Ally to complete the Interconnection Request and select a preferred rider that will allow you to connect your system to the grid.

  • Submit Your PowerPair Application

    You or your Trade Ally completes your PowerPair application, which will be reviewed to determine your system’s eligibility and the program’s available capacity.

  • Wait for Application Review and Approval

    You will be notified by June 20 if your application is approved and program capacity is available, or if you have been placed on the waitlist.

Have more questions?

Questions about program eligibility, the application process, approved Trade Allies, or incentive processing can be emailed to