In September 2019, Duke Energy Kentucky asked the Kentucky Public Service Commission to review the company's electric rates and adjust customers' bills. This request reflects the strategic, data-driven investments we're making to build a smarter, more reliable energy future for our customers and communities across Northern Kentucky.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • A base rate case is a public regulatory review process where a utility must demonstrate to a state regulator, in this case the Kentucky Public Service Commission, why a proposed increase in rates is needed. This independent, public process helps ensure transparency and fair rates based on the utility's costs to serve its customers.

  • We work hard every day to keep costs reasonable for our customers and to avoid an increase to customer bills whenever possible. However, our ongoing investments in the region's electric delivery system and power generating stations have made it necessary for Duke Energy to seek a change to customer bills.

    Residents, businesses and communities across Northern Kentucky are benefiting from these smart, strategic and data-driven improvements to the region's electrical infrastructure. And we're doing this critical work so we can continue to deliver safe, reliable and efficient service to all current and future customers.

  • Duke Energy Kentucky is obligated to provide every customer in our service area with reliable electricity at rates approved by the Kentucky Public Service Commission. In exchange, our company is allowed the opportunity to earn a fair return for investors. Even though our regulators will ultimately determine any changes to customer bills, we pledge to do our part to keep rates as reasonable as possible.

  • First, Duke Energy Kentucky must demonstrate to the Kentucky Public Service Commission why the rate increase is needed. The Kentucky attorney general and other interested stakeholders audit our filings and vet the company's request. The commission then thoroughly reviews our request. The commission will conduct a hearing and consider our written and oral testimony, along with viewpoints from others representing customer groups and other stakeholders. We expect a decision from the commission in the first half of 2020 and plan to implement the new rates shortly thereafter.

  • It's important to us to give our customers more options to help them better manage energy and ultimately save money – so we're connecting with our customers through new tools like usage updates, free home energy audits and a menu of energy-saving tips, programs and incentives for every budget. To find the right energy-saving program for your needs, visit

    We're also proud to provide support to those customers who need it most through initiatives like the Neighborhood Energy Saver Program, which provides energy-saving upgrades at no cost to income-qualified homeowners.

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