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Why choose Florida?

Florida's livability is one of the state's biggest assets, with a moderate climate that encourages a healthier, more active lifestyle. Recognized nationally for supporting business expansion, new investment and international trade, Florida makes the ideal place to come, to stay and to grow your business.

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    • Low 5.5 % corporate tax, double-weighted for sales
    • No state-level property tax
    • No property tax on business inventories
    • No sales and use tax on goods manufactured or produced in Florida for export outside the state
    • No sales and use tax on certain boiler fuels
    • Sales and use tax exemptions on electricity used in the manufacturing process
    • Sales and use tax exemptions on machinery, equipment and labor used predominantly for research and development
    • Stable tax structure, expedited permitting, exceptional incentives and increased opportunities for global success.
    • With $744 million in gross domestic product, Florida's economy is ranked as the fourth-largest in the Western Hemisphere and 20th in the world.
    • The presence of over 70 licensed foreign and domestic banks and 14 world trade councils has attracted more than 90 countries to locate consular or trade offices in Florida.
    • Twenty foreign trade zones.
    • Florida has established foreign trade and investment offices in Canada, Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Mexico, Venezuela, Colombia, Brazil, Israel, Spain, Germany and the United Kingdom.
    • Utilizing an extensive highway and rail system, businesses can easily access all in-state markets and over 60 percent of the U.S. population via overnight shipment.
    • With 14 deepwater ports, all Florida businesses are within 90 miles of a seaport.
    • Access to the second-largest foreign trade zone network in the country, and the only one that offers space transportation through launch facilities at Kennedy Space Center.
    • Twenty major commercial airports.
    • Four interstates, I-95, I-75, I-10 and I-4, are major corridors.
    • Economic Development Transportation Fund – up to $3 million for public transportation infrastructure improvements for companies expanding or relocating in Florida.
    • Florida is a "right to work" state, with the nation's third-lowest unionization rate in manufacturing at 2.6 %.
    • At more than 9.2 million strong, Florida's workforce is the fourth-largest in the U.S.
    • Florida's Quick Response Training program has provided more than 300 new and expanding companies with customized training for more than 100,600 employees since 1993.
    • With a network of 12 public universities, 47 technical institutions and 28 community colleges, no Florida resident is more than 50 miles from an educational institution.
    • Florida universities performed over $1.6 billion in sponsored research in 2008, working closely with business and industry to create cutting-edge technology.
    • Year-round sunshine, fresh air, clean water and an abundance of open space.
    • Multitude of white sand beaches, world-class resorts, over 1,000 golf courses, as well as thousands of lakes, state parks and recreation areas.
    • Some of the oldest historical sites in the country, including St. Augustine, America's oldest city, as well as international festivals, museums and myriad cultural activities that mirror the diversity of the state.
    • Florida is home to three NFL football teams, two NBA basketball teams, two NHL hockey teams and two major-league baseball teams.

Target Industries

A significant number of Florida industries are experiencing stellar growth and supporting economic growth – including aviation, life sciences and information technology. Find out what's working for these and other key industries.

Your place for business success

Florida really has it all for business: favorable tax policies, streamlined regulations, competitive cost of doing business, a large talent pool, global connectivity, a huge marketplace. Labor and land are more affordable than other industry centers like California and New York. Florida is also renowned for being one of the most livable states. It's an ideal place for companies to call home. As a leading economic development partner in the region, our mission is to attract, retain and assist businesses relocating or expanding in Florida.

Florida's technology, education and research sectors are booming, and the region is encouraging this growth with a wealth of incentives and other advantages. Regulatory agencies have streamlined the permitting process, and the state offers access to public and private funding for growing businesses.

Recent stats and accolades

  • 21st-largest economy in the world (BEA & IMF)
  • Population of 19,552,860, fourth-largest in the nation and larger than Chile, the Netherlands and Greece (Census Bureau)
  • 95 million tourists visit each year (VISIT FL)
  • More than $158 billion in annual merchandise trade (WISER)
  • More than $800 billion in state GDP, the fourth-largest in the U.S. and more than the GDP for Switzerland, Saudi Arabia and Argentina (BEA)
  • More than $815 billion in personal income, No. 1 in the Southeast (BEA)

Business-friendly climate

  • No personal income tax
  • No. 1 state for renewed consideration post-recession among site consultants (Area Development)
  • No. 2 best state for business (Chief Executive)
  • No. 2 best business climate (Business Facilities)
  • No. 2 for access to capital and funding (Area Development)
  • Third-lowest private-sector unionization rate (unionstats.com)
  • Top 5 business environment (Area Development)
  • Top 5 business tax climate (Tax Foundation, Business Facilities)
  • Top 5 small business and entrepreneur-friendly policies (SBE Council)
  • Expedited permitting process and regulatory assistance are available
  • Targeted industry incentives including sales and use tax exemptions, and tax credits and refunds for capital investment, R&D and job creation
  • No. 2 for transportation infrastructure (Business Facilities)
  • No. 3 best state for business by CEOs (Chief Executive)

Modern infrastructure

  • No. 2 for infrastructure (Business Facilities)
  • 15 deepwater seaports, 19 commercial service airports, 2 spaceports, 12,000+ miles of highways, nearly 3,000 miles of freight rail track routes (FDOT)
  • "Florida has one of the world's most extensive multimodal transportation systems, including international airports, deepwater shipping ports, extensive highway and rail networks, and multiple hubs" (Area Development)
  • Two of the world's busiest airports: MIA – Miami International Airport, MCO; Orlando International Airport (Airports Council International)
  • Among the nation’s top 10 states for both inland waterways (No. 7: 1,540 miles) and port cargo (No. 7: $96.8 million short tons) (American Society of Civil Engineers)

Talented workforce

  • 9.6 million civilian labor force, more than double the population of Ireland (Bureau of Labor Statistics)
  • No. 1 in innovation (Fast Company)
  • No. 3 most diverse labor pool: “Florida has a large pool of highly skilled workers that is especially strong for high-tech industries and international trade” (Area Development)
  • No. 4 for workforce (CNBC)
  • No. 4 in talent pipeline (National Chamber Foundation)
  • No. 4 in workforce training (Business Facilities)
  • No. 5 in education climate (Business Facilities)
  • No. 5 in high-tech employment in the U.S. (TechAmerica)
  • No. 1 in smartest cities rankings, the only state with more than one winner; home to three of the nation’s top-ranked smart cities (Movoto)

Thriving companies

  • No. 3 for high-tech establishments (TechAmerica)
  • No. 4 in attracting private equity investment (Private Equity Growth Capital Council)
  • No. 4 in women-owned businesses (Census Bureau)

Reliable, safe, affordable electricity

Because of our stability and financial strength, we can assure our transmission and distribution systems deliver safe, high-quality, reliable and affordable electric service. Our service availability is among the highest in the nation.

We're one of the largest electric power holding companies in the United States. Our regulated utility operations serve approximately 7.2 million customers located in six states across the Southeast and Midwest. Our commercial power and international business segments own and operate diverse power generation assets in North America and Latin America, including a growing portfolio of renewable energy assets in the United States.

Headquartered in Charlotte, N.C., we're a Fortune 250 company traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol DUK. More information is available in the Our Company section of this site.

"Recognized nationally for supporting business expansion, new investment and international trade, Florida makes the ideal place to come, to stay and grow your business."

"Florida's technology, education and research sectors are booming"

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