Building a Smarter Energy Future

Duke Energy is committed to investing in a smarter energy future for the Greater Cincinnati area. This is a bold plan to strengthen the region’s energy grid over the next 10 years, making it safer and more resilient. These enhancements will improve power quality and reliability while enabling more options for our customers.

Improving Our Electric Infrastructure

Duke Energy is at the beginning of an aggressive five-year capital improvement plan to update the electric system to ensure it can safely and reliably deliver power to more than 850,000 electric customers. There will be improvements in both distribution and transmission infrastructure on the system. Transformer replacements, line rebuilds and wood-to-steel pole replacements will all be part of the process to replace aging and obsolete infrastructure to help harden our assets and integrate new technology.

Improving Our Natural Gas Infrastructure

Duke Energy must look many years ahead to ensure the natural gas system is prepared to safely and reliably deliver natural gas to its customers. There is also a plan to invest in the natural gas system to replace aging infrastructure and retire obsolete facilities on the system. Many of the pipelines on the system were installed in the late 1940s and are nearing time for replacement with newer, modern infrastructure to improve flexibility on the system.

Additional Services

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