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Guarantor Requirements

To have your signature medallion guaranteed, we recommend contacting the intended institution from which you wish to receive the guarantee in order to confirm the documentation they will require. Guarantors are required to retain all supporting documentation.

Typical documentation requirements are as follows:

  • Individual Account when shareholder is deceased: certified death certificate, certified court document naming executor/administrator (Letters of Testamentary/Certificate of Appointment), dated within 60 days of issuance
  • Joint Tenant Account where the account is to be transferred to new owner: certified death certificate
  • Custodial Account when former minor changes registration: certified birth certificate
  • Name change due to marriage, legal name change, divorce: certified court document indicating name change, if shareholder does not change sign exactly as name is currently listed on account
  • Trust Account when trustee is deceased/has resigned: certified death certificate; letter of resignation from the trustee; copy of trust excerpts identifying succession
  • Corporate Account: corporate resolution with a raised seal, indicating that the signing party has the authority to do so on behalf of the corporation
  • Power of Attorney: court certified copy of the Power of Attorney; OR copy of the Power of Attorney with the medallion guarantee stamp affixed to the document