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My Energy Bill+

My Energy Bill+

Bring stability to your energy bill.

Get a fixed monthly bill.
No surprises. No matter what.

My Energy Bill+ gives you a fixed monthly bill for an entire year. As part of the program, you allow us to make temporary adjustments to your smart thermostat during periods of peak electric demand. In exchange, you get a lower overall program fee than our other fixed billing program.
  • Certainty

    The same energy bill for a year, regardless of changes in the weather or fuel prices.

  • Ease

    No bill adjustments or year-end settle-ups to worry about.

  • Lower Program Fee

    A lower program fee than our other fixed bill program.

  • Peace of Mind

    Enrolling your thermostat helps reduce load on the electric grid and preserve natural resources.

To be eligible for
My Energy Bill+, you must:

  • Have a whole-home electric HVAC system

    Your home must have a centrally controlled electric heating and cooling system.

  • Have an eligible smart thermostat

    You need a Wi-Fi connected, eligible smart thermostat that controls the HVAC system.

  • Enroll your Smart Thermostat

    Enrolling your smart thermostat allows us to temporarily adjust its temperature during peak electric demand periods.

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Don't have a smart thermostat?

You may be eligible for a free smart thermostat with installation — valued at $175! If you qualify, we will provide and install a smart thermostat in your home at no cost to you. And the thermostat is yours to keep. This is a limited-time offer for income qualified customers. Find out now if you are eligible.

Interested in ways to support local renewable energy?

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Clean Energy Impact provides a simple, low-cost way to reduce your environmental footprint by purchasing renewable energy certificates (RECs) directly from Duke Energy Florida renewable generation.
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