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My Energy Bill+

Bring stability to your energy bill.

Get a fixed monthly bill.
No surprises. No matter what.

My Energy Bill+ gives you a fixed monthly energy bill for 12 months – regardless of extreme weather that can drive up energy costs. And there is no additional balance due at the end of the year.

As part of the program, we temporarily adjust your smart thermostat temperature during limited periods when demand for electricity is unusually high. We’ve designed the program so that you may not even notice these slight adjustments.

  • Be certain

    A fixed monthly bill for a full year regardless of changes in weather or fuel prices.

  • Get a lower fixed bill

    A lower monthly bill than our basic fixed bill program.

  • Stay in control

    You’re in control of your smart thermostat and your comfort.

  • Help the environment

    Help reduce electric load a few days a year and preserve natural resources.

Eligibility Requirements

To participate, you must:
Income-qualified customers who don't have a smart thermostat may be eligible for a FREE one with installation.

Your fixed monthly bill is determined by:

  • Your average electrical usage from the past year

  • Historical average weather temperatures

  • A program premium already included in the fixed bill amount in the mailer or email you received

Want a fixed monthly bill without the extra My Energy Bill+ requirements?

Our Your FixedBill program also provides a fixed bill for a year—but comes without the HVAC and smart thermostat requirements. And, there is no additional balance due at the end of the year.
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Make a Clean Energy Impact

Support local renewable energy for less than $1 a month.
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Frequently Asked Questions