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Our StrikeStop® surge protector helps shield your valuable electronics and appliances from damaging power surges.
  • Installed at your electric meter

  • The device helps stop surges before they run throughout your home

  • Helps you save on costly repairs and replacements

Help Stop Power Surges Before They Stop You

In an instant, an electrical surge can bring you and your home to a standstill. And the impact can be costly – repairing or replacing damaged electronics and appliances can cost hundreds, even thousands of dollars.
Plug-in surge protectors can help. But they have their limits and can fail over time. StrikeStop can help stop an electrical power surge before it invades your home, helping to protect all of your electronics and appliances.
Installation is fast and completed by a prescreened technician of Duke Energy One, a Duke Energy corporate affiliate. Ownership of the unit transfers to you when full payment is received.

See StrikeStop Terms of Sale for details.