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Sewer Line Repair Essential

Help avoid the hassle of sewer line repairs

Sewer line issues can come out of nowhere — and they are never any fun. Sign up for Sewer Line Repair Essential, and you'll be protected from the expense and stress of covered sewer line repairs up to your annual coverage limit. Or upgrade to our Sewer Line Repair Premium plan for additional coverage including repairs for damage to landscaping, sidewalks, and patios that occurred during the sewer line repair.

Here's how it works

No one wants the hassle and expense of a sewer line repair. Simply sign up and we'll take care of the rest.

Need a repair?

If you're already enrolled in our Sewer Line Repair Essential plan,
call 888.999.8856 to schedule a repair.

Have questions or want to enroll? Call us at 888.999.8856.