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Electric Vehicle Savings

Easy to own and drive.

Get more with an electric vehicle (EV). See what's so great.

Why choose an EV?

  • Environmental Benefits

    Fewer CO2 emissions than gas-powered vehicles

  • Fuel Savings

    On average save $1,000 per year on fuel cost*

  • Maintenance Savings

    Only tires and windshield wipers for fully electric EVs

  • Tax Incentives

    Get up to $7,500 in federal tax credit for qualifying EV models

  • Easy Charging

    Plug in at home or at one of the many public chargers

  • More Storage

    No engine means more storage space in the frunk

  • Safety

    Small electric motors allow for car designs with larger crumple zones

Electric Vehicle Savings Calculator

Use this EV Fuel Savings Estimator to calculate your potential fuel savings from driving an EV.

How many miles do you drive daily?

Daily miles driven

Miles per gallon

Gas price



Monthly Gas Cost


Monthly Utility Cost


Monthly Savings


Monthly Savings

*Significant additional savings can come from a reduction in maintenance costs as EVs do not require oil changes and have far fewer moving parts.

Explore more about EVs

  • Charging your EV

    There are three types of chargers with varying speeds in market. You can charge at home, in public or on the road.

  • Choosing your EV

    There are new models of EVs in market every day. Choose from midsize, minivans, SUVs and even trucks.

  • Benefits of EVs

    Electric cars are better for the planet and can help you save on fuel and maintenance costs.

  • Duke Energy EV Initiatives

    We’re working to help increase access to EV charging, research how it affects the grid, and help electrify fleets.

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