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Shoreline Use at Mayo Lake

The permit to operate the Mayo Electric Generating Plant by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in 1978 included a Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS). The specifications within this FEIS have directed Duke Energy shoreline management efforts around Mayo Lake. As described in the FEIS, Duke Energy is required to maintain the shoreline surrounding Mayo Lake in a natural and undisturbed state.
Mayo Lake is also part of the N.C. Wildlife Commission’s game lands program.
Information for neighboring residents:
Duke Energy owns the property from the shoreline of Mayo Lake to the 450-foot contour elevation above mean sea level. As the property owner of this strip of land surrounding the lake and in accordance with the requirements of the FEIS, Duke Energy adheres to the following guidelines and restrictions in place at Mayo Lake:
  • Duke Energy will not authorize any structures to be constructed, installed, placed or located upon Duke Energy’s property surrounding Mayo Lake.
  • Duke Energy requires the lands below the 450-foot contour, between your property and the shoreline of Mayo Lake, to remain in a natural and undisturbed condition. No mowing, clearing, landscaping (including planting ornamental trees and shrubs) or other maintenance activities are permitted. No land-disturbing activities of any type are permitted on Duke Energy property surrounding Mayo Lake.
  • Duke Energy allows construction of a natural, unimproved trail (i.e., no gravel, pavement, wood or other hardened surfaces), designed in a serpentine route (i.e., no straight line), not to exceed four (4) feet in width, and cleared only by hand tools, avoiding all trees three (3) inches and greater in diameter.
Information for real estate agents:
  • Please be aware homes and lots adjoining Duke Energy lands around Mayo Lake should not be advertised as waterfront or lakefront property since Duke Energy owns the shoreline property.
  • Also please note that “For Sale” signs should not be placed on any Duke Energy property around the lake. 
For additional information, contact or 800.443.5193.