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Island Use Guidelines & Access Area Permits

Duke Energy welcomes and encourages the public to use the lakes for recreational purposes, but we also encourage recreational users to be responsible while using these reservoirs so that we can all enjoy the lakes safely. With that in mind, we ask that you please follow these guidelines while recreating on Duke Energy-owned islands:

  • No nighttime use (sunset to sunrise)
  • No permanent structures allowed
  • No fires or littering allowed
  • No removal of vegetation
  • Police have authority to arrest under NCGS-14-159-13
  • Police have authority to arrest under SC code of laws -16-11-620

Additional Information may be found in specific Shoreline Management Plans or Guidelines.

Access Area Use Guidelines

Duke Energy Access Areas are provided for the purpose of launching and retrieving watercraft and other activities expressly provided for such as picnicking, swimming and fishing. The following uses at Duke Energy Access Areas are strictly prohibited:

  • Watercraft rentals and all associated activities including parking and staging of watercraft in the access area
  • Vendors of any kind and parking for vendor customers
  • Commercial use except as permitted by Duke Energy
  • Commercial patron parking
  • Parking of vehicles without trailers in vehicle-trailer spaces
  • Parking near ramps and in undesignated areas
  • Storage of boats, trailers, or vehicles
  • Staging or storage of construction equipment and rental watercraft
  • Illegal dumping
  • Blocking use of ramps and docks
  • Fishing from courtesy docks
  • Swimming at sites where swimming is prohibited

Access Area Special Use Permit Application

Permission may be granted for certain special uses of Duke Energy owned Access Areas. In order for a determination to be made, an application must be submitted and approved by all agencies as noted, no less than 30 days in advance of the event. Please fill out the Special Use Application as described and return to

Access Area Contractor Use Permit Application

Email for information.