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The proposed Clean Energy Connection program was filed for approval on July 1, 2020, with the Florida Public Service Commission. This renewable energy program will enable qualified business and residential customers to participate in a community solar program and directly fund the development of several utility-owned solar plants interconnected to the Duke Energy power grid in Florida. As a program subscriber, you will receive monthly bill credits equal to the value of solar energy produced by your share in the program.

How does Clean Energy Connection work?

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Program participants subscribe to kilowatt blocks of power, where one block is one kilowatt (kW), associated with the program’s solar plants for a fixed $8.35/kW monthly subscription fee. This fee supports the operation of these solar facilities and is conveniently added to your regular monthly energy bill. You may have the ability to subscribe to enough solar generation to match your annual energy usage. This actual usage data will be calculated and converted into kilowatt blocks for your subscription.

The power generated by the solar facility feeds into the Duke Energy electric grid across Florida, and your business or home receives a monthly bill credit associated with the amount of solar energy your program share produces. The initial credit rate for the first three years of the program will be $0.040370/kWh, and then the rate will increase by 1.5% every year. The monthly credit will vary seasonally, as solar energy production is greater during the months with more direct sunlight.

Between now and the time the program is filed, as well as through the regulatory approval process, the subscription fee, generation bill credit rate and the yearly escalation value may change slightly, but the payback will remain consistent. Subscribers will be notified of changes and have the opportunity to reduce their subscription if net costs increase.

Savings Start Early in the Program

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During the first few years of your participation, there will be a monthly net charge, as the bill credits you receive will not yet be higher than your subscription cost. However, as the bill credit amount increases each year to a point where the program credit becomes higher than the program charge, that cost-to-credit ratio will shift.

In approximately five years, your annual credits are projected to exceed your annual costs. After approximately seven years, your total program-to-date credits are expected to exceed your total cost, and from that point on, we anticipate ongoing annual savings.

Depending on construction timelines, we expect the Clean Energy Connection program to be established in 2022. Prior to that time, enrollment will be opened for residential customers to subscribe. We anticipate the program to be allocated as follows: 486.85 MW to large commercial and industrial customers, 74.9 MW to local government customers, 161.25 MW to residential and small business customers, and 26 MW to low-income customers.

The program will allow customers to increase their subscription, but we anticipate the program will fill quickly, so that option may not be available. Customers should size their initial subscription request with this in mind. Our goal is for available subscriptions to meet as many customer application requests as possible. Therefore, once the enrollment window closes, we will respond to customers on an individual basis.

Access the subscription size calculator below to determine the option that meets your renewable goals and budget. Enter a kWh amount and a percentage to match to calculate your subscription block size and net cost for the first three years. If you need additional assistance with this subscription calculation, contact your Large Account Manager or Community Relations Manager or email

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Clean Energy Connection offers attractive benefits for any Florida customer looking to reach sustainability goals while earning savings on utility costs:

  • Pay no upfront costs or cancellation fees. No long-term obligation. Plus, no equipment to install or maintain.

  • Help reach sustainability goals by claiming the renewable energy certificates (RECs)* generated by your share in the program.

  • Credits are expected to exceed subscription fees by years five to seven and generate annual savings from that point on.

  • Bill credit values per kilowatt-hour increase at a fixed rate each year after the third year.

* RECs represent the environmental attributes of 1 megawatt-hour (MWh) of electricity generated from a renewable energy source (e.g., solar, wind, biomass, hydro) and are used to track renewable energy from the point of generation to a purchaser of green power. The electricity purchased from renewable sources displaces electricity on the grid that would have otherwise been produced from traditional generating facilities. Owning your Clean Energy Connection RECs enables your business to exclusively make claims to the renewable energy represented by those RECs.

Learn more about RECs by watching this short video.

See program terms and conditions.
See tariff.

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, n.d. Recs: Making Green Power Possible. [video] Available at: (Accessed 16 April 2020).


Contact Us

Check back often for program updates, commission approval and application availability. For immediate questions, please contact us at or contact your Duke Energy representative.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Program Details

  • Many customers have been telling us that they would like to use more renewable power but don’t have the space and/or the funds to erect a solar plant on their premises. This program allows customers to achieve their sustainability goals even if they can’t or don’t want to put solar on their property, saving them money at the same time.
  • At the time you sign up for the program, you will be able to indicate whether you would like to have the RECs transferred into an account in your name. If you elect not to do so upon enrollment but later decide that you do want the RECs, contact
  • No. This program adds solar energy to Duke Energy’s greater Florida grid. Your subscription funds are used to build and maintain the solar site. Although electric lines will not be connect the solar plant to your organization, because you own the REC, you are using renewable power. The REC simply provides proof that your program participation is directly tied to renewable energy generation.
  • No. Your commitment is only one month, and there are no cancellation fees.


  • The commission will decide. Many things can happen from the time Duke Energy files the program that may impact the timing. The company will keep potential subscribers informed.
  • The enrollment period for commercial, industrial and municipal customers has ended. Applications are not being accepted at this time. Enrollment for other rate classes will be available in late 2021. Please email to express interest in participating.
  • Yes, but not yet. You can let us know of your interest in helping to market the program at

Solar Plant Sites

  • No, but Duke Energy is continuously working to identify good solar sites.
  • We are still identifying locations, but most likely they will be in the more rural areas of our service territory.
  • No. Subscriptions are associated with all of the solar plants in the program, distributing any risk, in the event one of the sites can no longer produce energy, for example due to storm damage.
  • Your town is being served by Duke Energy’s generation mix located throughout the state. This program will bring new solar generation on the larger grid, which will impact the emissions profile in your town. Sometimes towns have emissions goals, but their location is not optimal due to shading or other factors. So, this program can serve as a viable strategy toward reaching goals, regardless of specific limitations. Plus, most large users must employ multiple strategies to acquire all the renewable sources they need. If you would like to help Duke Energy market the program to your residents and businesses, please contact
  • The company considers placing batteries at all of our solar plants. It is too early in the process to know if there will be batteries at these locations.

Low-Income Component

  • Duke Energy is setting aside 2.5% of the program for low-income customers. Customers with proof of participation in any government assistance program are eligible. Like the market rate program, the monthly subscription fee will be a fixed amount per kW per month for the life of the program, but the credit rate for low-income customers will also be fixed for the life of the program at an amount higher than the fee, allowing for immediate and sustained bill savings.
  • Because the enrollment window does not open until late 2021, a definitive plan has not been developed yet. We anticipate partnering with local governments to educate potential subscribers, sending letters and emails.