NC Solar Rebates

Thank you for your interest. This program is only available in North Carolina. To view the NC Solar Rebates page, please select North Carolina as your state.

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Due to the volume of interest in the solar rebate program, a waiting list is in place. Because the program is fully subscribed based on the applications received, there is no guarantee any project will be accepted into the program from the waiting list. Projects are listed based on the date we received your application. If your project is able to be accepted into the program, you will be notified via email. Please contact the Duke Energy Solar Rebates team if you believe your project should be listed on the rebate waiting list.

The waiting list will be updated the first Friday of the month.

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Should you have any questions about the program, please contact us at 866.233.2290 or email us at

Rebate Applications Status

Below you will see the most updated status of rebate applications for this calendar year.

DEC Rebate Application Status of October 1, 2021

Customer Type  Guidelines/2021 Starting Capacity
(Max of 5,000 (kW-AC) per launch)
Rebate Applications Accepted # of 2021 Applications Received Applications Accepted-Connected 
(Includes Prior Year Reserved Capacity Carried Forward to 2021)
Applications Accepted-Not Connected 
(Includes Prior Year Reserved Capacity Carried Forward to 2021)
Residential 3,750 (kW-AC) with max of 1,250 (kW-AC) for Non-Residential 2,844 (kW-AC)** 1,559 2,119 (kW-AC) 725 (kW-AC)
Non-Residential 998 (kW-AC)** 54 230 (kW-AC) 768 (kW-AC)
Non-Profit 1,225 (kW-AC) 682 (kW-AC)** 19 11 (kW-AC) 671 (kW-AC)
Non-Profit (NC Greenpower) 25 (kW-AC) 0 (kW-AC) 1 0 (kW-AC) 0 (kW-AC)

**Residential and Non-Profit customers can draw from Non-Residential capacity should it be available.
Rebate Applications Accepted may appear higher than 2021 starting capacity, due to prior year cancellations with rebate reservations where the capacity has been reallocated.

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