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High Bay Fixtures

High Bay Fixtures

High and Low Bay fixtures are commonly found in warehouses, but can also be found in retail, parking garage and other commercial spaces. For fixtures that have not yet converted to LED technology, interior high bay fixtures are often powered by metal halide or fluorescent lighting systems. These non-LED systems typically require more energy for the same light output and have more limitations on lighting control strategies. Newer LED technologies provide distinct advantages that contribute to reducing the cost of operating the lighting system.


Work together with distributors participating in the Duke Energy Smart $aver Midstream channel and instant incentives can help reduce the initial cost of the project. Take action today by contacting one of the lighting distributors that can help direct you on improving your High Bay lighting projects. Be sure to include available incentives offered through the Duke Energy Smart $aver Channel as part of the conversation.

Success Story

Pet Supplies Plus receives "Best in Show" savings with lighting upgrade. Watch the video below.