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EnergyWise Business

Our voluntary program is designed for qualified business customers to help reduce heavy power use during unusually high energy demand times in summer and winter.

Program Details

Winter: Bring Your Own kW

Choose how and when your equipment will respond during peak usage events by selecting which equipment communications option is right for your business.

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Equipment Communication Options

Wi-Fi-connected smart thermostats from your preferred brand to include Google Nest, Emerson Sensi™, ecobee and Honeywell
  • Customer enrolls existing thermostat, which controls winter electric heating equipment (heat pumps and electric resistance), or receive a free, professionally installed Wi-Fi thermostat when they sign up.

OpenADR Communication Standard

Automatic connection between customer equipment and OpenADR standard such as building control systems, Wi-Fi-connected equipment and lighting control systems

Manual Control

Customer responds to communication from the company and adjusts the operation of their equipment and systems to lower their electrical energy usage


The compensation will be $30 per average kW reduced during the events. Customers will see reward applied to bill credit. 
Following the winter control season, each participating customer will get compensated for the average load reduction during the demand reduction events. The load reduction gets measured against the baseline demand profile (kW demand) for the facility. The facility baseline demand profile gets calculated using five representative days from the 10 days prior to the event, excluding weekends, holidays* or other event days. The baseline can be weather-adjusted if the company determines the facility demand is weather-sensitive, or if the event day is inconsistent with the baseline demand profile.
*Holidays include New Year’s Day, Good Friday, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, day after Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

What is a Winter Event?

EnergyWise Business is an energy management program that helps us manage the energy use of the power grid. On days when there is an especially high energy demand, like the coldest day of the winter, for example, we ask businesses to reduce their energy consumption so that there is less strain on the system.

The Bring Your Own kW option allows customers to participate in a demand response program during the winter peaking season, where they decide how much electrical load to reduce during a peaking event. Customers will receive advance notice of a scheduled demand reduction event as far in advance of the event start time as possible, but no later than four hours before the start of the event unless there is an emergency.
During the designated event, customers may choose the extent to which they reduce the energy demand (kW) of their facility. The response can be automated or completed manually by the customer making changes at their facility.
There will be a minimum of one event per control season to determine the available load reduction.

Winter Program Events: Oct. 1-April 30

Events may occur for up to four hours during the months of October through April.


  • Must be willing to shed load in response to signal or communication from company during winter control season (Oct. 1-April 30).
  • Must have an AMI meter.
  • Must be a nonresidential customer on an eligible rate.

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