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Clean Energy Connection

Join to receive the benefits of clean renewable solar energy without the commitment and expense of rooftop panels.

  • No equipment to install or maintain

  • No upfront cost, no application fees and no investment

  • No long-term obligation, cancel your subscription at any time

  • Receive bill credits for the solar energy generated by your participation

  • Take the program with you if you move*

  • Subscription is estimated to pay for itself in seven years

  • A 1kw subscription to solar energy will cost less than $8.35 a month**

Manage My Subscription

*Must be within Duke Energy's Florida service territory.
**Subscription cost will remain the same at $8.35 a month, but your actual monthly costs will vary based on solar production as monthly solar credits will offset some of your subscription costs. Program charges and credits are established per the Florida Public Service Commission approved tariff and solar center output.

The basics of Clean Energy Connection

Program Details

The initial credit rate on your bill will be the same for the first three years (approximately 0.04/kilowatt-hour (kWh)) and then increases 1.5% every year. Seasonally, the monthly bill credit will vary, as solar energy production is greater during the months with more direct sunlight.

The cost to subscribe versus the bill credits you receive are expected to balance each other out in approximately five years. This is the crossover point when you are expected to begin to realize net savings on your bill.

We anticipate total program payback to occur in approximately seven years, when your program-to-date bill credits exceed total subscription fees paid. From that point on, we anticipate ongoing annual savings. Pricing may adjust throughout the regulatory process; however, the payback timeline will remain unchanged.

Income-qualified customers

Income-qualified participants* will pay a fixed monthly-kW subscription fee for the life of the program and can expect to receive immediate savings, as the fixed credit rate will start and stay higher than the subscription fee. We will work with local governments, employers and community organizations to help drive awareness of the program.

*Customers with proof of participation in a government assistance program or previous participation in Duke Energy's Neighborhood Energy Saver program.

Additional Resources

We recommend downloading files to your computer or mobile device rather than opening online. It may be necessary to right-click on the PDF link and choose “Save target as…” from the menu.