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Work Zone Safety

Work Zone Safety

Stay safe with these tips when driving through work zones.

Stay alert and keep your distance.

Duke Energy crews are often found working just about anywhere to keep the lights on for our customers and our communities safe. That work often requires teams to work alongside a roadway, or in some cases, it may be necessary to close a lane(s) of traffic. When our work requires creating a work zone, it’s important that the public take steps to protect themselves and those working. 

What is a work zone?

A work zone is an area of a trafficway with highway construction, maintenance or utility-work activities. Lane closures, reduced speeds and traffic pattern shifts are common in work zones, and they are typically marked by barriers, signs, pavement markings and/or work vehicles. 

Duke Energy takes multiple steps to ensure that we alert drivers to approved work zones by following federal, state and local laws. We use approved work zone equipment and assign a crew member(s) to flag traffic as required to maintain a safe work zone. 

Speeding and distracted driving are the leading contributing factors in vehicle accidents. Drivers play a key role in making work zones safer for everyone, especially themselves.

Work Zone Safety Tips

Below are some safety tips to remember when traveling through a work zone:
  1. Slow down as you approach the work zone.
  2. Move into the open lane as soon as possible when approaching lane closures.  
  3. Watch out for vehicles around you that could be in your blind spot.
  4. Expect the unexpected: Keep an eye out for workers and their equipment.
  5. Eliminate distractions, such as using your mobile device, when driving.
You can learn more about work zone safety, national data and public awareness efforts at the National Work Zone Safety Information website.

Remember, slowing down and paying attention when driving in a work zone could save your life or someone else’s.