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After the Storm

When outages occur, we focus on ensuring the safety of the public and our crews as we work to restore power as quickly as possible. You should continue monitoring local media for updated information from emergency officials.

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Keep Safety a Priority

  • Stay away from downed power lines and areas that may be hiding lines, such as floodwater and debris.

  • Look for damage that may prevent your power from being restored and have a licensed electrician make repairs if needed

  • Do not wire your generator directly to your breaker fuse box, as it could backfeed on power lines.

  • Only operate a generator outside and connect appliances directly to it.

  • Take photos or videotape your home to inventory and record losses.

  • Watch out for debris-filled streets. Do not travel until it is safe.

  • Don't use grills or other outdoor equipment indoors for space heating or cooking. These devices can release poisonous carbon monoxide. 

  • Replenish your supplies in preparation for future storms.

  • Disconnect/turn off any nonessential electrical equipment that may start automatically when power is restored to avoid overloading circuits.

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