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RFX - Power Advocate


Harness the Power of PowerAdvocate

What is PowerAdvocate Collaborative Sourcing?

PowerAdvocate is a leading provider of collaborative sourcing software. It enables online collaboration with our staff, identifies product requirements, and engages suppliers through interactive electronic requests for information (RFI), requests for quotes (RFQ) and requests for proposals (RFP). These tools help us improve the speed and efficiency with which we source material, equipment and services.

Using PowerAdvocate Collaborative Sourcing

  •  If you've been invited to participate in an RFx event, you can download and read the Supplier’s Quick Guide as a PDF. 
  •  If you haven’t been invited to participate in an event using PowerAdvocate, you will receive notification via email once an event with your company has been scheduled.
  •  If you have other questions about the scheduling of PowerAdvocate events, please contact your Duke Energy buyer or sourcing specialist. You can also review the Frequently Asked Questions PDF
  •  If you are a contractor providing labor services to Duke Energy and perform medium or high risk work, from a safety perspective, you are required to have a safety rating.  In order to receive this rating, submit a Safety Questionnaire to Duke Energy through Power Advocate. The contractor company’s contact person will receive an email from Power Advocate requesting participation in our safety rating process.

Log In to PowerAdvocate

If you're a registered supplier and have been invited to participate in an RFx event, you can log into PowerAdvocate using the username and password provided.