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Freight Instructions

Duke Energy Logistics is responsible for carrier selection and all communications with carriers for freight in which Duke Energy is accountable for the freight charges and/or the material is to be shipped as Freight Origin Collect (OC). Duke Energy has partnered with couriers, carriers (such as Less-than-Truckload, Truckload, and Expedited) and air-freight providers in order to service transportation needs.

For small parcel shipments, utilize and reference the Purchase Order number to obtain the UPS or FedEx account number. If the account number is not available, please contact Duke Energy Logistics. Small parcel shipments are not to exceed 150 lbs. and parcel allowable limits.

To schedule a Less-than-Truckload shipment please access and follow the instructions. LTL shipments are to be between 150 lbs. and 10,000 lbs. and not to exceed 10 linear feet.

For all orders greater than 10,000 lbs., exceeding 10 linear feet, exceeding $100,000 in total value, or requiring expedited shipping, air freight, truckload, or special transportation equipment, vendor must contact the Duke Energy Logistics Group 48 hours prior to shipment date or immediately upon notification of expedited or air shipments.

Shipments not tendered as per the PO instructions will result in a credit adjustment applied against the supplier’s invoice for the excess freight cost incurred.

The expectation is that the supplier (or sub-supplier) provide the following information to Duke Energy Logistics:

  • Duke Energy purchase order number, including release number
  • Correct class of each item, proper shipping name, dimensions and weight of the material being shipped
  • Duke Energy destination site contact information
  • Upon receipt of the above information, Duke Energy Logistics will provide a completed Bill of Lading (BOL) to be used by the supplier (or sub-supplier) for all Duke Energy shipments

As stated on each purchase order, to schedule transportation of freight where Duke Energy is responsible for the freight charges, contact Duke Energy Logistics at (800) 279-8729 or

In the event transmission and distribution material is being shipped under Vendor’s management (i.e. Master Contract, or freight terms sanctioning vendor to manage) to a Distribution Center (Toddville, Garner, Fairfax, Brecon, Plainfield, or Wildwood), the Vendor/Driver is to call (800) 729-9899 to schedule the delivery and/or receive routing guidance.

  • Menu Option: 1 (directions and hours of operations)
  • Menu Option: 2 (schedule a delivery)
    • Sub-Menu Option: select the number associated with the DC being shipped to and work with the receiving personnel to schedule a time or other delivery related questions (i.e. afterhours)
    • This option routes to associated SPOC/receiving number
  • Menu Option: 3 (internal trucking and logistics operations)
    • This option routes to Duke Energy Logistics
    • All BOL’s dispatched by Duke Energy Logistics includes: Address, Coordinator Phone #, Sites hours of ops and special instructions

Thank you for your support of this program.