Environmental Health & Safety

Fossil Hydro Contractor Environmental, Health & Safety (EHS) Orientation and Training

Prior to performing any labor services at Duke Energy Fossil Hydro facilities, the contractor shall ensure completion of the following for their employees, including subcontractors:
  • Contractor shall review their scope of work with the Duke Energy liaison and provide OSHA-required health and safety program training to their employees. Prior to or upon site arrival, training documentation shall be provided to the Duke Energy site liaison using the format provided in this link: Contractor EHS Training Documentation.
  • Contractor shall ensure completion of orientation and other Duke Energy Fossil Hydro-specified training for their employees, including subcontractors. Those training topics are shown below. Training will be provided on site or by completion of specified PowerSafe modules prior to site arrival. Training method shall be specified by the Duke Energy site liaison. When PowerSafe module completion is specified, reference the contractor communication document provided at this link: Contractor Communication – PowerSafe Frequently Asked Questions. PowerSafe training is completed using the PowerSafeTraining.org website: Utility Safety Training | PowerSafe
    • PowerSafe Generation (required at all sites)
    • Duke Energy General FHO Orientation (required at all sites)
    • Duke Energy Lockout/Tagout (required at all sites)
    • Duke Energy Human Performance (required at all sites)
    • Duke Energy Dropped Object Prevention (required at all sites)
    • Duke Energy Hazardous Locations and Intrinsically Safe Equipment (required at all sites)
    • Combustible Dust (required at sites having combustible dust)
    • Duke Energy PSM/RMP Orientation (required at sites having hazardous chemicals requiring Process Safety Management)

    Fossil Hydro site-specific orientation will be provided upon site arrival.

    In accordance with OSHA Regulation 29 CFR 1910.269, Duke Energy provides the following information to our contractors. Duke Energy contractors affected by this regulation are required to relay this information to their subcontractors and are subject to providing Duke Energy written verification of the transfer of information to subcontractors.

    Contractors may be provided information associated with this OSHA regulation through various mechanisms based on the business unit within Duke Energy:

    Information transfer

    Characteristics of the host employer's installation that are related to the work to be performed are listed here:

    • The nominal voltages of lines and equipment
    • The maximum switching-transient voltages
    • The presence of hazardous induced voltages
    • The presence of protective grounds and equipment grounding conductors

    Conditions related to the safety of the work to be performed are listed here and are known to the employer:

    • The locations of circuits and equipment, including electric supply lines, communication lines and fire protective signaling circuits
    • The condition of protective grounds and equipment grounding conductors
    • The condition of poles
    • Environmental conditions relating to safety

    Information about the design and operation of the host employer's installation that the contract employer needs to make the assessments required by this regulation. (This includes but is not limited to confined space evaluations, arc flash exposure and grounding.)

    Any other information about the design and operation of the host employer's installation that is known by the host employer, that the contract employer requests and that is related to the protection of the contract employer’s employees.

    Erosion and Sediment Control Guidelines

    • This course needs to be taken by any consultant or contractor that is involved in the design, construction and management of Erosion and Sedimentation Control plans and permits.
    Cargo Securement Training

    • This course should be taken by all dedicated trucking providers for Duke Energy Corporation.

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